About Us

We are UniPay

When we started building, studying e-commerce it was evident that payment was at the core of our success. UniPay was born.

We performed large scale studies through campaigns. Looking to find evidence of why enabling paying would still not work. While counter intuitive, for us it makes sense to answer the question: why will we fail ?

We are becoming LaDistance

Finding an answer to this question leads to the continuity of who we are becoming. It's part of our maturity and readiness.

Beyond payment is customer appreciation of local products. The reality is that local product quality sucks. So beyond getting product closer we need to help producer become closer to their clients needs today.

While we prepare our 2023 launch gradualy.
Investors are welcome to reach out for our 1 Million USD Pre-seed funding or connect with Our CEO.

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Our Team

Lead by a young, audacious and resilient team focused on being the world largest e-commerce driver.

Faical Congo Founder & CEO
African Entrepreneur with a vivid inventive mind. On to erupt E-Commerce in the region.
Adja Mamounata Co-Founder & COO
Bridging our partership network and fostering the understanding of local markerts.
FBDES Co-Founder & Investor
Investing in strategic and daring startups. Public fund in Burkina Faso in charge of Startups.
Rachid Congo Strategy Director
Focusing in our global strategy match to our vision to disrupt the continent economy.
Yves Ilboudo Communication & Marketing
My role is to create more visibility to our offering and ecosystem. More drive inspiration to lead.
Hamidou Sawadogo Web Developer
Being at UniPay is like no other tech startup. Ownership demands the resilience to build what is needed.
Oumarou Kafando Production Engineer
My contribution at UniPay can be sumarized to putting my ingenuity to build end to end products locally.
Eric Soa Chief Logistician
I am the routing wheel for any shipment may it be raw material for the production unit or our customers.
Rabiatou Ouedraogo Brand Building
UniPay as a startup is unique. My work has been to drive a +10k followers a week on Facebook.
Vanessa Bouda Brand Building
With Rabi, we strategize everyday on how to build a strong image that stand for UniPay audacity.
Oumar Kabore Web Developer
As an intern, a get to work on UniPay short term vision and be part of such a bold team.
Fernand Ouedraogo Web Developer
I have been an intern before. At UniPay, the learning curve is astonishing.